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Mid-September Holidays

Hey there everyone! I haven't had time to write anything lately because I got so high, living life. Haha. Kidding!
Truth is, when September came... summer holidays ended. I was sad about it coz it meant going back to work and days seem to drag by.
I almost gave in to sadness but in this side of the world I am in, we actually got a mid-September holiday.

It is so bittersweet because it's like a a goodbye week for summer days long time gone and it's actually fun because a lot of friends and a friend's friends came to town for a visit. It is such a fun week full of random plans and sunset walks. Can't say I won't miss it.

Today, Sunday is the last day of that. I'm feeling sad already coz tomorrow means work. Oh I don't know if Mondays will ever get better.

So anyways, here's my favorite holiday on the go outfit. Tee shirts, shorts, sneakers, hat, and a cover up.  When autumn air finally kicks in, I'm terribly going to miss my t-shirts and shorts.