Floral Dress

It has been awhile since I last wrote anything here. I've been too  busy and distracted since it was my first year at work and I just got the hang of living here in Istanbul. So here I am after almost a year, wanting to share to you guys my favorite floral summer dress at the moment  that I look so blooming and bright wearing it. Lol! I love it so much coz it is so comfortable and just so pretty. I got it from one of these small shops around Kadikoy-- the area where I'm living in.  We all need this kind of dress to brighten our gloomy days right? I paired them with my favorite white sneakers coz I'm all about long walks this summer.

Dress / Maiclothes Bag/Zara Shoes/ Lacoste
XOXO, Willow

Simple Summer

I know it's already November and it's quite making me miss summer when all you think of is ice cream. Haha. It's not all icecream though. I love the longer days and just pretty much the konger time I could spend time staring at the sun setting down with all those burst of color in the sky. We still get pretty sunsets now but the day is so short that by the time I get home, there's no trace of sun light left up in the sky.

I pretty much accustomed to dressing up light so I suck at layering. Either I wear a thinner layers on colder days or thicker ones when its warmer. Haha. Weather in this country is such a tease.

Anyways, here's my ultimate random favorite time last summer when you could  jump on the metro and thirty minutes later you're on the Asian/Anatolian side of Istanbul where cool kids eat sunflower seeds or nuts  and drink tea while watching the sun sets.

Summer is the simplest time of year when a white blouse,  shorts, sneakers and a good friend  are …

October Heys!

Hey! I guess it's always my favorite kind of greeting. I know I know October is ending in two days. So soon but I can't wait for the year to end already coz I can't wait to be able to go home, hug and kiss the loves of my life.

October first was a Saturday. And I always say this... Saturdays are for adventures or misadventures. Haha. So I decided to finally see the famous Buyuk Valide Han.
It's where you can see the glorious Istanbul from the top. Much better, when I got there it was the golden hour. I'm so glad I saw the first sunset of October in the city where I have always wanted to live in.

So guys, if you're visiting Istanbul, and you want something totally different from the usual touristy thing all tourist people do here... Visit this place. But yep be warned, there's a long line to the biggest ball. Haha

It was cool for a leather jacket already but still warm enough for a basic white tee. And yep, sneakers season ain't over yet.

Shirt/ Zara Je…

Mid-September Holidays

Hey there everyone! I haven't had time to write anything lately because I got so high, living life. Haha. Kidding!
Truth is, when September came... summer holidays ended. I was sad about it coz it meant going back to work and days seem to drag by.
I almost gave in to sadness but in this side of the world I am in, we actually got a mid-September holiday.

It is so bittersweet because it's like a a goodbye week for summer days long time gone and it's actually fun because a lot of friends and a friend's friends came to town for a visit. It is such a fun week full of random plans and sunset walks. Can't say I won't miss it.

Today, Sunday is the last day of that. I'm feeling sad already coz tomorrow means work. Oh I don't know if Mondays will ever get better.

So anyways, here's my favorite holiday on the go outfit. Tee shirts, shorts, sneakers, hat, and a cover up.  When autumn air finally kicks in, I'm terribly going to miss my t-shirts and shorts.