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Two weeks ago, I went to Istanbul and probably while you are reading this, I'm there again. I can't get enough of the amazing tidbits I see there. Famous tourist places that I like going back to again and again are the Blue mosque, the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. The first time I went there was during Autumn, second time was in Winter and the third time was in Spring. Istanbul is just so glorious whenever you are there. Weather was so good and quite warm for a tee shirt,and mini lace skirt. Of course, being a tourist you must wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers. I also wore my favorite light brown coat with my new favorite brown wool hat.  I felt like I was one of the cool kids in town.


Weekends in my little chilly city is so unpredictable. Weather changes so fast in one day that you can't possibly trust the weather forecasts. Mornings are too cold for just a tee-shirt. But, when the  sun is way up there brightly beeming, you can't help but show off your cute Tee shirt.

Last weekend was for catching up with the newest bloom in the city park. White blooms this times. Because, it was gloomy the morning I woke up, I decided to wear my white blazer jacket over my grey shirt  paired with my grey jeans. I love super comfy footwears these days coz when you walk a lot, you must think of comfort. I waited for these  white brogues to arrive and I can't help but wear them everyday. White just seems to brighten my gloomy days since I don't have any new books to read. I end up going around town finding cool stuff to do. I'll tell you more of those cool stuff later.

Thanks for dropping by. 
XX, Willow

Jacket/Mango Tee shirt/Koton Jeans/Koton Bag/Accessorize Sh…

Let's Get Lost

Let's get lost because we never know what might happen. This is exactly why I think my weekend in Istanbul was the best I ever had. I've been to this city a few times but I always have someone to take me around.

A friend promised to take me to the best places, but got sick when I came so I braved the crowd and had the best time of my life. The first day was great but it was on the third day and my last day that I just went where my feet would take me. That's when I thought I would go and see Emirgan Park.

To get there, I took the tramway to Kabataş. From there I took the bus going to Emirgan. If you aren't sure, you can ask the driver and he will tell you when you get to your bus stop. It took a bit while to arrive but the view on the way will make you forget the ride. Take in the scenic view and let your worries go away.

When I got to my stop, I was so torn between sitting on the benches along the seaside or to go to the park. Lol. What a dilemma, right? Oh well, I c…

April Showers

April has arrived and I was hoping it would feel at home so soon. Once settled, it might be at ease as to encourage spring to sprung undauntedly. But, as rain comes with it, cool temperature unwantedly accompanies this month. I guess it is indeed true that "April showers bring May flowers". They forgot to say that it was a lot of showers.

Every few days in between the rainy days, the sun comes up and warms my little city. Enough warmth to lighten my spirits that it calls for celebration. Yet, you aren't allowed to trust it enough to leave your jackets home.

I thought this purple and black combo just shows my happy mood. Remember, black is a happy color... Well, for me though. What is your happy color? How are you getting along with April so far?:)

   XX, Willow
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Black Jeans/Mango
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