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Don't Toss 'em Greens

I have this funny gay friend who when asked why he doesn't like salads, he would reply..."I don't eat grass". Then we laughed so hard, all the people in the restaurant would look at us, so we paused for awhile and then resume laughing. (The good 'ol days, eh?!!)

Greens are good for our brain, body and health. I just never thought I would actually like wearing greens but surprise, surprise! I do.
It was early March, and it had been quite warm for days...then suddenly rain happened. Before we knew it, snow started falling again at night. The mornings were so cold that I had to unpack my winter clothings and  Eureka! I saw my olive green Coat I bought from  Shein. I thought I would never be able to wear it but boy was I glad I did.

It is so warm and soft and the color is pretty. People has been complimenting me on it. I admit, winter is pretty but I'm pretty sure I'm over it for now.
Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day:)

Pinks and Blues

The next weekend after my trip to Çeşme, I was so eager to see the first apricot blooms in our little park in this little city. Truth be told, the pink blooms were so pretty. I love how spring brings everything to life. It is magical and just amazing. Makes me remember the springtime of my life.

Because I totally adore those blooms, I wore my pink coat from DRESSLINK over my  Kate Jeans from Koton, white sneakers from H&M and an old batwing blouse from Zalora. I walk a lot in this small city so it is a must to wear comfy footwears.

TOP  Zalora (Similar)
PINK COAT Dresslink
CROSSBODY BAG Mango (Similar)

Hello there, Spring!

I just couldn't wait for spring to come to town so I went ahead with my plan to see Çeşme. It is such a lovely little town that the only way to go around is by walking. I arrived there Saturday noon, so later that afternoon I came to see the marina. Pretty little it was. If Izmir was laidback, this place in early spring is super laidback. Pretty much what one needs for a relaxing week.I can't imagine this place during the summer. Must be so crowded...

I finally got to wear my endless lavender skirt  romance skirt from CHICWISH, paired it with my striped high necked top and black mini crossbody bag from H&M. My sandals were from ZALORA THAILAND.

When in Turkey, don't forget to check this pretty place. Have a great weekend!

SKIRT  Chicwish
Similar here) Flats Zalora

Sunny City

I enjoyed the snow during the winter season but I get tired of the cold too. Besides, I am so bored in this little city where I live that I decided to have a weekend getaway once a month. That took me to the sunny city two weekends ago --- Izmir. It is a laidback city by the sea. I just love how beautiful and sunny it is. Although, the night arrived there was a rainy one, I hoped for the best in the morning. Ok, not hoped but I was so sure it was gonna be a good day coz I always check weather updates before I dress up these days.

Found me some nice oversized jumper from Koton, I paired it with my forever favorite black skinny jeans from Mango and my super comfy white sneakers from Mango too. Woke up to a chilly morning so I was glad to have brought my leather jacket from H&M.

Before lunch, it got so sunny but still a bit cold but my jumper was warm enough to help me avoid getting a cold. Izmir is definitely a great place to visit on a weekend. Where's your favorite weekend get…