Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Way back university days, life was super simple because  I  really  don't have to think what to wear to school. My university is one of those schools which strictly obliged all students to wear uniforms. We get reprimanded when we didn't wear the designated uniform or worse, we didn't get to go in the campus and ended up missing classes. I'm glad those days are loooong time gone. It reminds me of my old age already. Next month, I will be 30. Gosh but Whatever! ;-)

On days we were not supposed to wear school uniforms, I'd put on a shirt, a pair of jeans and my all time favorite converse sneakers. Ha! I thought I was really cool then. (Cringeworthy memories).

Well, growing old made me changed my style. But then, I guess I can never say I'll ever change my love for "cool tee shirts". Life is too short to wear "boring tee shirts",  yeah? 

So the last time I went to see the beach, I wore this shirt with my favorite word "whatever" written on it. I love this word so much... Coz I say it pretty much when I don't want to argue nor continue conversations with anyone. Or I say it just to annoy someone. Or almost all of my life mantras starts with it.... Like... "Whatever happens, there's always a beach to go to." Haha...

I paired it with shorts from my favorite short store H&M. I walk a lot when I go to new places so a pair of comfy sneakers is a must. And I felt like soaking my feet in the seawater so I took my slippers with me. 

I always love places where waters meet sunsets. I don't know why but I guess it's a preference kind of thing. What is your preference kind of thing?

XX, Willow


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Coffee Love

I don't know much about coffee but all I  know is that it makes me feel better on all  the days I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I also know that when I feel lonely,  a cup of coffee means intantaneous happiness.

Coffee smell makes me temporarily forget how life sucks more often than not. I can't even survive a day without a cup. Sounds crazy but I'm sure coffee lover people could understand this kind of crazy. Haha...

So here's me, flaunting my favorite thing--coffee, my amazing skirt from Chicwish with my favorite red big bag from Mango. Paired it with an old pair of sandals from Zalora and to complete the look, I make sure to wear my smile.

What could go wrong with coffee, a pretty skirt and a biggest smile? I don't know but sure does sound perfect for me.

It's almost the weekend girls! Time to head out this weekend and enjoy the summer sun eh? ;-) Or catch up with awesome people we call friends over coffee? What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know on the comments below. I love reading them so much.

Thank you everyone for visiting. I mean it from the bottom of my hypothalamus.

XX, Willow


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dressy Summer Day

It's been long over due but Yay! Summer holiday has officially kicked in. To celebrate it, I headed to Istanbul right away.

This is my super favorite city despite all the bad news that seems to plague it. It has been a tough year for this beautiful country but I believe that it will be all right in the end. I'm rooting for it.

I finally got to wear my favorite dress from H&M. I used my mint green cardigan from LCWAIKIKI for a cover up. Paired them with my favorite white flats from H&M, too and my favorite satchel from Accessorice. Well, it's summer so hat's on, girls!

I always love being in the European side of Istanbul. It's has lots of pretty neighborhoods with pretty houses, cafes, restaurants and well, I love how they are mostly overlooking the sea. I can't imagine being anywhere but here.

Everyone just falls in love with Istanbul whenever one sets eye on it. Not a different story for me. I seriously cannot wait to live there soon in Autumn.

Thanks for visiting everyone. I appreciate all the time and the comments too. Hope this summer is a dream holiday for you all.

XX,  Willow