I did miss summer. I have lived in countries where there were endless summers, so moving to a country which actually have four seasons  made  me miss it.

I love wearing cotton shirts and shorts way back home and having arrived here mid-Autumn when the weather was colder than what the weather app was showing, I had to wrap up myself like a human burrito. Haha. I'm kidding but really the city where I'm living is quite cold. The temperature difference from day to night, from dusk to dawn are to the extremes.

Summer has arrived in town, but still we get a bit of colder nights and hotter days. When it rains, it's like winter all over again.

So one particular weekend, when the weather app said 23°/30°-- I decided to check out the newest bridge built in the middle of our Akar chay (small river).  It was so white and really nice. Made a perfect place for photos and of course to chill and relax --chillax.

It was golden hour when we got there and it's my favorite time of day. It's just so calm and beautiful. I don't know why but it makes me really happy to see the sunset later.

I wore a  cotton striped shirt which is a daily staple, my army green skinny jeans paired with my Zalora basics shoes which I bought a year ago. And of course, heat  is up so hat's on girls!

Hope your Monday was short but your fashion timeless.

And by the way, if you fancy a good read on how to wear hats this summer, don't forget to check this article below. I'm so honored to be featured. I am so grateful to Fashionista Now Fame Cherry :) Put a hat on it.



Shoes/Zalora Basics


  1. Beautiful photos! I love your outfit (those sandals are gorgeous) and the location is perfect!
    Have a lovely week, Willow.
    Julia xx

  2. ...and next very good look! I like it! Great pics.

  3. Beautiful location! Great styling gorgeous!
    Much love, Len

  4. Amazing outfit, colors and place. Hats for summer are the best, but it's hard to find them :)


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