October Heys!

Hey! I guess it's always my favorite kind of greeting. I know I know October is ending in two days. So soon but I can't wait for the year to end already coz I can't wait to be able to go home, hug and kiss the loves of my life.

October first was a Saturday. And I always say this... Saturdays are for adventures or misadventures. Haha. So I decided to finally see the famous Buyuk Valide Han.
It's where you can see the glorious Istanbul from the top. Much better, when I got there it was the golden hour. I'm so glad I saw the first sunset of October in the city where I have always wanted to live in.

So guys, if you're visiting Istanbul, and you want something totally different from the usual touristy thing all tourist people do here... Visit this place. But yep be warned, there's a long line to the biggest ball. Haha

It was cool for a leather jacket already but still warm enough for a basic white tee. And yep, sneakers season ain't over yet.

Shirt/ Zara


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