Simple Summer

I know it's already November and it's quite making me miss summer when all you think of is ice cream. Haha. It's not all icecream though. I love the longer days and just pretty much the konger time I could spend time staring at the sun setting down with all those burst of color in the sky. We still get pretty sunsets now but the day is so short that by the time I get home, there's no trace of sun light left up in the sky.

I pretty much accustomed to dressing up light so I suck at layering. Either I wear a thinner layers on colder days or thicker ones when its warmer. Haha. Weather in this country is such a tease.

Anyways, here's my ultimate random favorite time last summer when you could  jump on the metro and thirty minutes later you're on the Asian/Anatolian side of Istanbul where cool kids eat sunflower seeds or nuts  and drink tea while watching the sun sets.

Summer is the simplest time of year when a white blouse,  shorts, sneakers and a good friend  are all the things you need. Yes peeps, The maiden tower or Kiz Kulesi is definitely a must see place in the Asian side.



  1. Always charming and interesting
    I love your outfit my dear


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