Sunny City

I enjoyed the snow during the winter season but I get tired of the cold too. Besides, I am so bored in this little city where I live that I decided to have a weekend getaway once a month. That took me to the sunny city two weekends ago --- Izmir. It is a laidback city by the sea. I just love how beautiful and sunny it is. Although, the night arrived there was a rainy one, I hoped for the best in the morning. Ok, not hoped but I was so sure it was gonna be a good day coz I always check weather updates before I dress up these days.

Found me some nice oversized jumper from Koton, I paired it with my forever favorite black skinny jeans from Mango and my super comfy white sneakers from Mango too. Woke up to a chilly morning so I was glad to have brought my leather jacket from H&M.

Before lunch, it got so sunny but still a bit cold but my jumper was warm enough to help me avoid getting a cold. Izmir is definitely a great place to visit on a weekend. Where's your favorite weekend getaway? Hope it is sunny enough to keep your hearts warm always.


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