Don't Toss 'em Greens

I have this funny gay friend who when asked why he doesn't like salads, he would reply..."I don't eat grass". Then we laughed so hard, all the people in the restaurant would look at us, so we paused for awhile and then resume laughing. (The good 'ol days, eh?!!)

Greens are good for our brain, body and health. I just never thought I would actually like wearing greens but surprise, surprise! I do.

It was early March, and it had been quite warm for days...then suddenly rain happened. Before we knew it, snow started falling again at night. The mornings were so cold that I had to unpack my winter clothings and  Eureka! I saw my olive green Coat I bought from  Shein. I thought I would never be able to wear it but boy was I glad I did.

It is so warm and soft and the color is pretty. People has been complimenting me on it. I admit, winter is pretty but I'm pretty sure I'm over it for now.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day:)


  1. I love the way that you styled this entire look. Fab coat!!

  2. Willow you look great, I love that jacket and it's a nice color to mix with black.

  3. WOW! You look great ♡ Awesome coat :)

  4. Great pictures, despite weather condition. Nice coat, trendy color!

  5. Such a pretty coat. I love your smile. the outfit shoot looks really happy and gorgeous!


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