Two weeks ago, I went to Istanbul and probably while you are reading this, I'm there again.
I can't get enough of the amazing tidbits I see there.
Famous tourist places that I like going back to again and again are the Blue mosque, the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace.
The first time I went there was during Autumn, second time was in Winter and the third time was in Spring. Istanbul is just so glorious whenever you are there.
Weather was so good and quite warm for a tee shirt,and mini lace skirt. Of course, being a tourist you must wear your most comfortable pair of sneakers. I also wore my favorite light brown coat with my new favorite brown wool hat. 
I felt like I was one of the cool kids in town.


  1. super cute outfits ! you look gorgeous

  2. I love your outfit,simple and stylish

  3. That door is so pretty!! I love the casual accents in this outfit, super cute!


  4. love this look super cool , the colour of the coat so fab!


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