Let's Get Lost

Let's get lost because we never know what might happen. This is exactly why I think my weekend in Istanbul was the best I ever had. I've been to this city a few times but I always have someone to take me around.

A friend promised to take me to the best places, but got sick when I came so I braved the crowd and had the best time of my life. The first day was great but it was on the third day and my last day that I just went where my feet would take me. That's when I thought I would go and see Emirgan Park.

To get there, I took the tramway to Kabataş. From there I took the bus going to Emirgan. If you aren't sure, you can ask the driver and he will tell you when you get to your bus stop. It took a bit while to arrive but the view on the way will make you forget the ride. Take in the scenic view and let your worries go away.

When I got to my stop, I was so torn between sitting on the benches along the seaside or to go to the park. Lol. What a dilemma, right? Oh well, I could hang out there after I see the park.

I am so happy, I took my chances in getting there. The thousands of tulips were so pretty in different colors and in full bloom. The park is so big complete with picnic areas, restaurants and playground for kids. I wasn't able to go all over it but I'll save the rest the next time I drop by the city.

I love misadventures in beautiful places, but be sure to wear your comfiest pair of sneakers, chiciest ripped jeans and don't forget your hat.

Where would you like to get lost and have the greatest adventures? Thanks for taking time to drop by here today.

                                            XX, Willow



  1. Dear, photos are adorable! Enjoy your time at Istanbul!

  2. wow amazing look ♥
    Welcome to my blog♥

  3. What beautiful tulip fields! Looking super stylish in your distressed denim jeans and sneakers Willow! :)

  4. Wow , I will luv to visit turkey proper, this is lovely. So sorry for your frnd and besides who took the photos since no one went with you ? Lol

    1. Believe it or not, strangers volunteered to take my photos... Im kinda lucky when it comes to photos too:)


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