Who doesn't love a good holiday? Nobody. Lol. I mean, come on. No need to wake up early and work your ass off. Haha.  Well, we had a holiday on Thursday last week. I decide to wake up early to grab a cup of my favorite cafe latte from the only Starbucks in town.

I didn't really have time to think what to wear. On days like this... I opt to wear a t-shirt. I haven't gotten over my lace mini skirt so I wore that one too. It was a pretty sunny day but one can't be sure what happens in the next hours so I wore my purple cardigan. It is super soft, I'm so in love with it.

It's my chance to wear my lace up sandals so I grabbed the opportunity. What do you think? White is always a classic color, right? Why not make it look sweeter by adding some pastel candy color sometimes. Thanks for dropping by my blog dear readers. I hope you are all having a great workweek.


Cardigan/LC Waikiki


  1. Thank you for your comment, i love your shoes, so cute and trendy. Colors so refreshing.


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