Istanbul Adventures

I'd love to walk around cities I fell in love with even before I'd been there. I had loved Istanbul before I'd been to it. So whenever I have the chance to visit it, I'd take the chance. So here's what I usually do the first day I get there.

In the morning, I go straight to the Blue Mosque, head down to Hagia Sophia then to Topkapi Palace. Right after that, have a coffee in Green Cafe. The people there are so funny.. I even have a photo with the chefs. I love how they actually said, I could have Turkish coffee for free there whenever I'm in town. Turkish people are really nice. When I'm done, I head out to Gulhane Park. It is a cute park which is sooo pretty in April because it will be filled with the Tulips. Once you reached the end, you can take the exit and walk out to the Gulhane Tram station and head out to Eminonu.

Once you get to Eminonu, please try that Balik ekmek (fish bread). You won't regret it. They catch the fish fresh from the sea and cooked them right away. Best thing ever... Yumm... It gets so crowded coz everyone just wanna try it. So don't skip such experience when you are there.

Right after eating, you better catch that boat heading to Sariyer. It stops at Ortakoy and goes to Sariyer. My favorite spot to hang out to enjoy the sunset while watching the seagulls and pretty much savor the salty fresh air while sipping that margarita is in Ortakoy.

To wash out that tipsiness, I like walking  back to Kabatas tramway station. On the way, you would  see the Dolmabance Palace and that awesome Besiktas stadium and it isn't scary at all because there are so many people walking along with you.

For such a warm, sunny springy day, I wore my denim jacket over  my favorite old white dress. Paired with my favorite white super comfy sneakers and don't forget your hat.


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